Google Grants Management

The Google Ad Grants program provides nonprofit organisations with $10,000 worth of search advertising each month through its Adwords program.

Nonprofits can use this generous grant to develop a marketing campaign that attracts more visitors to their website, to educate their community about their cause, reach new volunteers, or increase donations.

The Google Grants program is invaluable for nonprofits, and has no hidden costs at all. We submit your application to Google and ensure it is approved at absolutely no cost to your organization.

When you work with you will then have an experienced account manager who will create a strategy to ensure your $10,000 grant is helping your nonprofit achieve its goals. Your account will be monitored closely to ensure it meets Googles strict requirements, and that thousands of new volunteers & donors are being reached.

Google Grants for Nonprofits

Experts in the Google suite of Digital Marketing tools

Google Grants Management Features

We do everything from grant application, to ongoing maintanence and performance optimisation.  Simply get in touch with us, then wait for your first monthly report on our performance

No Set-up Fees

Becoming a client of ours incurs no set-up fees. We get to work as soon as you request our help, and charge a simple monthly fee.

No Application Costs

If you are not familiar with the Google Grants programme, the process can be quite difficult. We offer to complete this process at no extra cost.

Ad Development

You’ll receive ad copy written by our experts that will perform exceptionally. Our team will work with you to write, and approve, adverts before putting them live.

Keyword Research

We will research which keywords you can bid on within the $2 CPC Google Grants restriction.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

You know which city, state, or country is your target market, and we will ensure our ads are only seen by those you choose.

Regular Reporting

Your organisation needs to know how your $10,000 grant is being spent, and our monthly report will state exactly how each dollar is being spent.

Landing Page Analysis

Getting visitors to your website is half the story. You will receive free landing page consultation as part of your Google Grants management fee.

Generous Pricing Plans

With no set-up cost, no application fees, and no hidden ongoing costs, our pricing plans are friendly for nonprofit organisations.

Ad Extensions

You will receive all the benefits of ad extensions, meaning you will achieve higher click through rates and lower CPCs. This ensures you get maximum traffic from your Google Grant.

What else is included in our Google Grant Management services?

  • Page Speed Analysis

  • Landing Page Recommendations

  • Domain Registration Help

  • SEO Analysis

  • SEO Recommendations

  • Duplicate Content Review

  • Robots.txt review

  • Quality Score Analysis

  • Ad Rotation Optimization

  • Audience Planning

  • Bounce Rate Analysis

  • Click Through Rate Optimization

  • Location Extensions

  • Callout Extensions

  • Cost Per Click Management

  • Impression Share Reporting

  • Average Position Analysis

  • Competitor Monitoring

  • Strategic Bidding Strategy

  • Day Parting Strategy

  • Display URL Testing

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • Negative Keyword Setup

  • Geotargeted Ads

  • Keyword Tool Research

  • Long-Tail Planning

  • UTM Tagging

  • Search Partner Recommendations

  • Search Term Reports

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Accessing & managing your Google Grant is a simple four step process when you work with our experts. You don’t pay or commit to anything until Google themselves has green-lighted your organisation to receive the $10,000 monthly ad grant.

Submit Application

If you have yet to apply for your Google Grant, we will save you the hassle by writing and submitting an application on your behalf.

Brainstorm Objectives

You know what you want your organisation to achieve. Tell us your goals, and we will begin to build a strategy to ensure we work together to maximise the effectiveness of your Google Grants campaign.

Development & Launch

Our experts will conduct keyword research, write compelling ad copy, develop a bidding strategy, setup all necessary ad extensions, and submit them to you for approval. All while following Google best-practices. Once approved, your ads go live.

Ongoing Management

You’ll receive monthly reports which show how our monitoring & optimisation programme are effectively using your Google Grants budget. Ongoing maintenance also includes changing your ad copy and bidding strategies as and when required.

Our small monthly management fee is typically recouped by the $120,000 additional advertising money within one year. For managing $120,000, our experts would  normally charge businesses $2,000 to $3,000 per month!

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